Krista Kaye is a dance artist interested in the intersectionality of movement practices. She is continually researching the convergence of somatic practices, traditional and contemporary dance techniques,  improvisational techniques and contact improvisation. 

Krista graduated from San Diego State University with a BFA in Dance as well as a BS in Management (Entrepreneurship). In her time at SDSU, she worked with many influential artists including Jess Humphrey, Leslie Seiters, Joe Alter, Katherine Irey, Patricia Sandback,  Kyle Sorenson and Gina Bolles-Sorenson. She also participated in the annual San Diego Trolley Dances in 2015 and 2016, working with Anne Gehman in Giving Way and Jess Humphrey in Follow Us Here. In 2015, Krista has co-founded if. Dance Theater with Chloe Freeman and Aubrhe Yruretagoyena which produced slowly but surely, becoming slightly, an evening length work which toured in San Diego and surrounding regions, and It’s A Little Bit ‘Uh Huh” for the 2016 San Diego International Fringe Festival. Krista directed a duet for SDSU’s event Make It 2017 titled You-Me, For Now.

Currently, Krista is working as the Technical Supervisor of San Diego State University’s Dance Division, and also serving as an organizer of Make It 2018 and the Moab Contact Improvisation Jam. She is working toward an Infant Developmental Movement Edcation Certification in the School of Body-Mind Centering. Additionally, she is in the process and performance of her first evening-length solo work On All Fours, which premiered at the 2018 San Diego International Fringe Festival.