Photo by Jim Carmody

Important Influencers//Thank You

A reverse semi-chronological timeline of people whom I admire and cannot thank enough for the ways you have shaped me and the ways you contribute to shape me as I continue this path. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓





Justin Morrison 

At the time that I write this, our work together has been short in it's tenure, but you have already been a big influence on me. You constantly remind me that in all seriousness, we're here to have fun. You challenge me to stay rigorous in practice while leaving enough room to throw everything out the window and dance party. Thank you for all of your quirks, words and ways. 


Chloe Chenoa Freeman 

Thank you for being in my life. You have taught me so much about humility, depth and honesty. You have shown me how to admit and cherish my imperfections; that in many ways our limitations make us even more valuable. You have taught me how to laugh and cry at the same time. Thank you for being such a powerful source of inspiration.  

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Aubrhe Yrurtogoyena 

My Love, I have learned so much from you- more than you will ever admit. You show me everyday how bold it is to love freely and unconditionally. You show me what it means to brighten a room. You have also taught me that falling apart is a way of keeping it together, and although you and I do this in different ways, you show me everyday that it is a magical way to be. 


Susan Mae Hull

My friend, you have shown me so much about growing up, but never getting old. You have shown me how to dare, to take risks, and to trust the universe. You have shown me how to say 'no' and also how to negotiate. You have shown me the power of caring passionately, but also the power of not caring. Thank you for being such a strong support for me. 


Jess Humphrey

You have been such an incredible role model from the moment we met, when you bothered to learn my name even though I was not yet your student. You have taught me how to be present, decisive, bold and poignant. I often become amazed at how well you can be so direct and assertive, all with subtlety. You have shown me how to cut with precision and compassion. 

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Leslie Seiters

Leslie, I am still sorting out many of the ways that you have shaped me. You have shown me how fierce it can be to be unquestionably confident in your own skin. You have shown me how to be radically soft, forgiving, passionate and demanding simultaneously. You have taught me how to stay in discomfort long enough to find meaning, maybe even more comfort, and more daring. You show me often how to maintain stability without compromising mobility, both physically and cognitively. 


Joe Alter


You continue to teach me in ways that surprise me. Foremost, you have taught me that life is complicated, and that I am complicated... for better or for worse. You continue to see my struggles and you continue to offer support. You show me that expression doesn't depend on an outsider's interpretation of it. You show me that compassion is not always warm and fuzzy. You show me how to be understanding without understanding. You show me that doubt is inevitable and that permanence is an illusion. You also have taught me that it is possible to feel frustrated, angry, sacred, hopeful, and genuinely curious all at the same moment. Thank you. 


Derek Linwood


You are the person that unraveled the fabric enough for me to take the journey that led me here. You opened my eyes to see the beauty in mundanity. You helped me find my eyes as an artist. You also teach me so much everyday about what support means, what patience means. You continue to encourage me even when I cannot encourage myself anymore. You have taught me about what passion means, but also what it feels like. Thank you, and I love you. 


Abby Neves


I reflect on my time dancing with you with fondness and appreciation. You helped to shape my young mind in many ways- to laugh at the things that make me want to cry; to keep going through difficulty and frustration. You were the first person to teach me about staying open to multiple alternative possibilities, a foundation that I now use daily and that I cannot express enough my gratitude for. And, Oh yes, it turns out I definitely DO like Modern dance. 


Jennifer Hill 

You were one of the first people to challenge me to challenge myself- to ask myself to work harder, or rather smarter. I think back t my teenage self and know exactly why you were so influential to me; you taught me that coolness is relative- not an absolute- an idea that can be constructed by me and not defined by others. You showed me what confidence looks like. You helped me build the foundation for my work ethic, something that continues to impact me everyday. I am forever grateful.