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It's a Little Bit "Uh Huh"

It's a Little Bit "Uh Huh


How do we make? How do we become? How do we become closer? 

It's a Little Bit "Uh Huh" was an evening length work made in collaboration with Chloe Chenoa Freeman and Aubrhe Yrurtogoyena, as a project of if. Dance Theater. Throughout the process, we harvested images, ideas and other materials from our weekly spontaneous dance making practice (read: improvisational practice). After some accumulation, we arranged added and subtracted until each of us could make meaning from the work. In this process, there was agreement that each collaborator would have their own take-aways from the work, leaving enough space for multiple meanings to emerge from the work. Some topics that were discussed as part of the work were: power in femininity, intimacy, changing our inner and outer layers, and learning to love. 

Company: if. Dance Theater
Performers: Chloe Chenoa Freeman, Krista Kaye Nelson, Aubrhe Yrurtogoyena
Music in video: Are you Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley