On All Fours

On All Fours

Where do the expectations of power and sexuality intersect? What is beauty? What do we mean when we say you can "have it all?"  What is 'game' or sexual strategy? Why do we continue to do things that make so little sense? 

This work was my first evening length solo work, an exploration of my own experiences as a woman. As I accumulated ideas about the work, I developed a quadrant of characters, divided by their power and perception of sexuality (shown to bottom right). While the work has more of a plot than a narrative, you enter a world where white, purity and innocence, have been golded, made into something better by ruining it's very essence. All four of the characters in On All Fours, express some stereotype or expectation that at the time of this project are commonly used for cis, white women. 

Sound in Video: The Man by The Killers, Maneater by Hall & Oats, and Gold, Guns, Girls by Metric